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6, Devonshire Place
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North Yorkshire
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Opening hours: 9.30 - 5.30
Tuesday - Saturday

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Rock, Pop and Indie

Rock, pop and everything in between.

We have a huge amount of all kinds of recorded music in the shop. As a child I grew up listening to classical and jazz, because that’s what my parents listened too. When I was a teenager, I started listening to pop and rock and played drums in a rock band. Then and now, I still love classical and jazz. Although there are some kinds of music I’m not keen on or am not particularly interested in, you won’t find me criticising it or saying ‘it’s rubbish’. There’s nothing clever in slagging off others’ tastes in music. I don’t like musical snobbery or narrow mindedness, whether it’s from people who bracket all pop and rock as worthless or all classical music as boring.  I respect the musical tastes of everyone I meet whether it’s in the shop or socially. As far as I’m concerned, good music ‘is in the ear of the listener’, the same as ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. As there’s so much to discover and enjoy, why limit your horizons?

The origins of pop and rock go back to blues, folk and country music and of course we stock those genres. We also stock all the variants and offshoots that grew from them, on vinyl and CD. Browsing in the shop you’ll find (in rough historical order):

  • Blues (acoustic and electric), Folk, Gospel and Spirituals
  • Country, Rockabilly, Bluegrass, Cajun and Zydeco
  • World Music
  • Dance music, from jive to rock and roll and everything after
  • Pop music by decade from the 1950s onwards
  • Rock music – hard and soft
  • Americana
  • Music of Black Origin (MOBO), including Soul, Northern Soul, Funk and Tamla Motown
  • Reggae, Blue Beat, Ska and Dub
  • Psychedelia, Prog, Punk and New Wave
  • Goth, Doom, Grindcore etc
  • Contemporary music of all kinds
  • and anything else I’ve forgotten to mention!

Once inside the shop, customers are amazed by the variety of music on offer. Invariably, a newcomer buys something because there is so much they won’t have seen before – rare imports and deletions, the unusual and the uncommon.

There’s so much, we’re bound to have what you want somewhere. And in the rare instances when we do not, we will order it for you. The stock is added to every day, so there’s always plenty to satisfy even the most demanding crate digger!



Look out for the blue spots! If you have any other colour spot in front of your eyes in my shop, see a doctor. If it’s a blue spot on a vinyl record or CD, it’s 20% off the marked price!

Below are links to lists of stock from past Record Store Days (updated 18 November 2017), and mail order customers can also take advantage of the special 20% discount offer! Send your order to peter@pandcmusic.co.uk or ‘phone us on 01423 504035. Because we are an authorise Record Store Day retailer, we are only allowed to sell one copy of each item to each customer. Postage will be calculated on the basis of what you order and how much the whole consignment weighs.

Click here for RSD 2015 IN STOCK (updated 18 November 2017)Roger the EngineerDenai Moore

Even less left from 2014! Click here for details: RSD 2014 IN STOCK (updated 18 November 2017)









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